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Canarian Law 12/2014 includes in article 3.1, letter b) companies or private entities that receive more than 60,000 euros per year of public aid as subjects included within its scope of application; as does the basic state standard (Law 19/2013).
Likewise, the state regulation establishes a set of informative obligations that are smaller than those contemplated in the Canarian or other regional regulations.
The Transparency Law of the Canary Islands indicates that “the commissioner is obliged to present an annual report to the Parliament of the Canary Islands on the application and fulfillment of the transparency obligations by the different public and private entities of the Autonomous Community, with the minimum content that is collects in the law”.
And in article 64 it is determined that private entities “must provide the Commissioner of Transparency and Access to Public Information with the information requested and provide the necessary collaboration for the development of their functions.
Specifically, they must keep up-to-date and available detailed information on the degree of application of the law in their respective spheres of competence”.
Last but not least, it is convenient to remember that the Law
12/2014 in its article 69, section 1, letter A), typifies the infractions that private entities could commit due to breaches of the same and, in its section 2, regulates the sanctions that can be imposed, among which are the fines and the total or partial reimbursement of the aid or public subsidy granted.


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